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iPhone Unlock Toolkit

iPhone Unlock Toolkit
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Licence: Freeware Free
Downloads: 7147
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7
Size: 6.16 MB

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iPhone Unlock Toolkit is an excellent utility for freeing your iPhone with a single click. It's extremely easy and practical and works in 32 bit Windows systems.

The iPhone is without a doubt one of the best portable devices created recently. It can surf the Internet with a multi-tactile screen comes with a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera and the same functions as an iPod, plus WiFi.

The problem is that it works with the At&T company, which is not available in many countries. The solution, iPhone Unlock Toolkit lets you free up this fantastic device from Apple.

With iPhone Unlock Toolkit you can free up an iPhone with just one click to use it later like a PDA or iPod.

NOTE: iPhone Unlock Toolkit does not free the phone to use it with other phone companies.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit Checked against Virus and Spyware: yes
Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.

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