How Cell Phones Work

How to reset a BlackBerry Smartphone
Jun 27, 2012  |  37 months ago  |  75 views
Find out the details on how to hard reset your BlackBerry without pulling the battery. If your BlackBerry smartphone is having some problem, it could be a hardware, software or wireless network issue. ... full article
Set up Google Voice on the HTC Aria
Jun 16, 2010  |  61 months ago  |  572 views
Google Voice provides a wide variety of functions to users, but many people aren't looking to take advantage of all the features Google Voice affords. ... full article
How To Check For Android Updates
Aug 03, 2010  |  59 months ago  |  336 views
Android is a revolutionary operating system produced in part by internet giant Google. It is most known for running the Nexus 1, Samsung Galaxy, LG Fender and other mobile phones ... full article
How To Copy Files To The HTC Hero
Aug 04, 2010  |  59 months ago  |  61 views
The HTC Hero supports a wide range of file types which gives you the ability to upload music, photos and documents to take with you on the go. Transferring files from your computer to your phone can be accomplished in two easy ways ... full article
How To Root The HTC Hero Android Phone
Aug 03, 2010  |  59 months ago  |  628 views
One of the phones that can handle being rooted is the HTC Hero. Instructions on how to root this particular phone are finally, at long last, available for all HTF Hero users to take and follow. Keep in mind, however, it is highly recommended to carefully ... full article
Mobile Phone Usage Tips
Oct 03, 2010  |  57 months ago  |  126 views
Follow the above given tips to keep your mobile phones safe and in a working condition for a long time. Also, you can make your cell phone battery last longer with a few easy tips ... full article
Universal Simlock Remover - FREE Unlock Software
Feb 09, 2011  |  53 months ago  |  17983 views
Universal Simlock Remover - It is a special set of programs for GSM mobile phones. Everybody can download USR Universal software for gsm mobile phones - for unlocking and removing software problems ... full article
Why isn't iPad 2 dual-mode GSM+CMDA?
Mar 07, 2011  |  52 months ago  |  23 views
Instead of releasing separate iPad 2 models for AT&T/GSM and Verizon/CDMA, why doesn't Apple just use that new Qualcomm dual-mode chipset and support both GSM and CDMA on one device? ... full article
Find the IMEI Number on a mobile phone
Oct 30, 2010  |  56 months ago  |  27510 views
The IMEI number provides an important function; it uniquely identifies a specific mobile phone being used on a mobile network ... full article
How to hard reset LG Extravert
Feb 06, 2012  |  42 months ago  |  175 views
Find how to reset your phone to factory settings and erase all the data on your phone. In the case of a malfunction or lock up error, press and hold the PWR/End Key for 8 seconds to reset the phone ... full article
BlackBerry Z10 gets first software update
Jun 29, 2013  |  25 months ago  |  82 views
BlackBerry has started rolling out the first software update for its flagship Z10 smartphone. The company says that some carriers are already delivering the new software and that it's working with others to make the update available soon ... full article
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