July 11th 2012, 12:00 AM

Set up Google Voice on the HTC Aria

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Google Voice provides a wide variety of functions to users, but many people aren't looking to take advantage of all the features Google Voice affords.

Even if simultaneous ringing and free SMS don't appeal to you, Google Voice can still be used as a great replacement for your carrier's standard voicemail system. What's more, Google Voice offers a free voicemail transcription service that uses voice-to-text to transcribe messages. Voicemail transcriptions can then be delivered to you via email or SMS.

In this guide, we show you how to set up Google Voice voicemail on your HTC Aria and configure the attached voicemail transcription service.

Activate Google Voice voicemail on your HTC Aria

  • Log in to the Google Voice website and click Settings in the top right corner
  • Locate the phone you wish to activate voicemail for and click Activate Google voicemail on this phone
  • On your HTC Aria, dial *004*xxx-xxx-xxxx# (where xxx-xxx-xxxx is your Google Voice phone number) and press Call
  • A forwarding confirmation will be displayed on your screen
  • On the Google Voice website, click Done

Configure voicemail transcriptions and delivery

  • Log in to the Google Voice website and click Settings in the top right corner
  • Click on the Voicemail & SMS tab
  • Next to "Voicemail Notifications", check the box next to Email the message to and select an email address to receive your voicemail transcriptions via email
  • Beneath "Send a text (SMS) message to", check the box next to each cell phone on which you want to receive SMS voicemail transcriptions
  • Next to Voicemail Transcripts, check the box next to Transcribe Voicemails
  • Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen
That's it! Google Voice will now replace your AT&T voicemail, and it will deliver transcriptions of each message via email or SMS.

If at any point you wish to deactivate Google Voice voicemail, simply dial #002# on your HTC Aria and press Call. This will deactivate all call forwarding and the HTC Aria will use the standard voicemail system once again.

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