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How To Unlock HTC Aria

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To unlock an HTC Aria you will need an unlock code. An HTC Aria unlocked should work with all GSM networks once you have unlocked it using our free instructions provided below. Although, the HTC Aria may not be released till June 20th, these steps should still work because it is the same for most HTC phones from AT&T.

Most SIM based cell phones by default. If your HTC Aria has a SIM lock on it, then it will prevent you from using the mobile phone with any other carriers. I would first recommend you try getting a HTC Aria unlock code by calling up your current phone carrier. In exchange, they will need your HTC Aria's IMEI number.

Your IMEI number is unique to your mobile device and the HTC unlock code will be calculated using it. You can get the IMEI number on your HTC Aria simply by typing *#06# and hitting the enter or send button. If you do not currently have a carrier or cannot get a free unlock code, then I would reccomend trying some of the unlock code websites that I have reviewed below.

Would like to unlock your HTC Aria ? You could get an unlock code here.

Once you have your unlock code, you can begin the HTC Aria unlocking steps below.

How To Unlock A HTC Aria (SIM Unlock)

  • Turn on your HTC mobile phone with an unaccepted/foreign SIM card in (or no SIM card at all).
  • Now, enter your 8-digit unlock code you recieved from earlier.
  • Your HTC mobile phone should be unlocked and may automatically reboot!
If you need help with the above steps or have some insight on unlocking the HTC Aria, please feel free to leave a comment. Also note that the HTC Aria is also known as the HTC Liberty.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free code from your carrier doesn't always work. Alternatively, I recommend this website when trying to find an unlock code. If they do not support your cell phone then you can also try this online vendor that supports tons of specific phone models.

Note: Any instructions provided in this guide are not guarenteed to work with all models and entering 3 or more incorrect unlocking codes could enable a security lock on your SIM card.

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What Our Users Said

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Meg   43 months ago
PUK codes have NOTHING to do with the phone. They are unique codes assigned to the SIM Card, from your cellular provider. You would have to contact your provider to get this code.

PROTIP: Most default PIN/PUK codes are 1234.
None your business   44 months ago
what is the puk code? i do not want to call them, they keep putting me on hold the dumb stop telling us how and give us a actual puk code that may i miss my htc but my friend puked me out of it,please just give us the code!!!!!!!!!!!!
iphone bluetooth Headset   53 months ago

Perhaps there is a bluetooth for the iPhone besides the apple company iphone bluetooth plus the JAW BONE wireless bluetooth?
Now i'm interested in some thing just a little fewer within price. The particular jawbone pair of headphones i believe can be $100 or even a extra and the Apple inc Wireless bluetooth is $130. May anyone know if you have a Wireless bluetooth that should talk with my iphone 4, I see all people purchasing a great deal using their headphones regarding just like 40, 60 even $80 dollars...
Please help! With thanks!
miguel aponte   54 months ago
No comments
rachat credit   55 months ago
Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.
- Daniel
ashwin   58 months ago
hi i bought the unlock code and i have inserted the sim when i turned it on it asked me for a pin i have entered the unlock code
so now i have no idea wether my htc aria unlocked or not
m-123   58 months ago
does that also work to take off the phone lock? its askin me for a gmail acount n a password but i dont remember it.. for the HTC aria
Rhodohilo   58 months ago
No, Nguyen that is the IMEI number for the phone.
V_123   58 months ago
the *#06# code will get you the phone's IMEI number which is kind like a serial number. It's not the unlock code.
Nguyen   59 months ago
I have dialed the number *#06#, and it sent me back a series of number more than 8-digit (about 15 digits). Is it considered the unlock code?

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