July 11th 2012, 12:00 AM

How To Unlock HTC HD7

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Our new how to unlock HTC HD7 guide will cover exactly that! This new smartphone from HTC is a GSM or SIM card device. This means that it can easily be unlocked simply by using an unlock code that is generated off of your HTC HD7's IMEI number. You can type *#06# on your phone and then hit the send/enter or similar button. You should immediately see a string of numbers that is around 15-digits long. This is your HTC HD7's IMEI number!

Now that you have this number, you can use generate your unlock code by contacting your cell phone carrier. Ask them for an unlock code, and they will ask for your IMEI. If your particular service carrier does not allow this, then you will be left with having to pay for an unlock code. If it is still worth it to you, because of traveling or bad service, etc. We then recommended the services listed below this article.

Would like to unlock your HTC HD7 ? You could get an unlock code here.

However, if you now have your code and wish to begin the steps.

HTC HD7 Unlocking Guide

These steps below should guide your through the unlocking of your HD7 or related HTC mobile device!
  • Power on your HTC HD7 with a Not Allowed SIM Card
  • Cell phone should ask for your unlock code. (If not, try rebooting phone w/ SIM card of new unaccepted carrier you wish to use.)
  • Enter your unlock code when prompted (should be 8-digits usually) and hit enter
  • Your HTC HD7 should be unlocked and may automatically reboot!

Get HTC HD7 Unlock Codes

Trying to get a free code from your carrier doesn't always work. Alternatively, we recommend this unlock service when trying to find an unlock code.

If you have any additional comments, questions, or experience on the above unlocking guide, then please feel free to post below. Thanks!

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