July 11th 2012, 12:00 AM

Unlock HP Veer 4G from AT&T

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unlock hp veer 4g from at&t
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To unlock the HP Veer 4G from AT&T, you will need to ensure you have a SIM carded HP Veer and you will need an 8-digit unlock code. Basically the goal of unlocking your HP Veer 4G is that you will be able to use your cell phone with another carrier or network besides AT&T, like T-Mobile or Sprint PCS, etc. Follow the simple steps below to begin unlocking your HP device!
  • Type *#06# and hit enter/send on your HP Veer.

    If a 15-ish digit number is diplayed, then you have a SIM card version of the HP Veer 4G and you can continue. Other users have a CDMA version and must unlock it using software/computer cable.

  • Write down the number that appear on your HP Veer's screen. This is your phone's IMEI number. You will need it later to generate the unlock code.

  • Now find your cell phone carrier's support phone number. Call this number and request a unlock code from them. (If you do not currently have service or they will not provide you with a free unlock code, because you have not used them long enough, then you can generate an unlock code from one of websites listed below this guide or on the side of the website.)

  • Now with your HP Veer unlock code in possession, reboot your device w/o any SIM card in it. (Take your SIM card out, It's behind your battery)

  • Device should ask you for your 8-ish digit unlock code.

  • Enter your unlock code and hit enter/send.

  • Your HP Veer should be unlocked!
If you have any additional comments, questions, or experience on the above unlocking guide, then please feel free to post below. Thanks!

Would like to unlock your HP Veer 4G ? You could get an unlock code here.

Get HP Veer Unlock Codes

Trying to get a free code from your carrier doesn't always work. Alternatively, we recommend this unlock service when trying to find an unlock code.

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Wendy   33 months ago
You rock!
badam   42 months ago
i have lost the 8 digit code for hp 4g cell, how to use my cell phone in india, when i inserted indian sim card, the phone is searching for network, i have imei number and serial number of the phone, kindly help to use my cell in india
kannaiah   42 months ago
When i switched on the phone is searching for the network, even after inserting the Indian sim, kindly let me know house to use the HP 4G cell phone india.
praveen kumar   42 months ago
i have 8 digit code and an IMEI now tell me how to unlock using these codes
Roberto   44 months ago
hhseh - Are you planning on unlocking it? If so, have you succeeded? I ordered the same one from Amazon and am hoping to unlock and give it to somebody as a gift.
hhseh   44 months ago
coco, it's locked to AT&T. I just got the exact same one you're looking at, and I can confirm that it is locked to AT&T.
eliecer   44 months ago
hola at&t me a dado el codigo de desbloqueo peroe fallado antes mas de 5 veces y a hora el codigo que me da me sale erroneo como puedo arreglarlo ? gracias por sus respuestas
RAMY   44 months ago
i buy one code and they did not send a code. what a wrong. plx some one give me a code, i have a hp veer but cant use now its 3 months
coco   44 months ago
in amazone they wrote that veer 4g is un locked but i found this in the tittle HP Palm Veer 4G GSM SmartPhone, Black, with QWERTY Keyboard, WebOS, Touchscreen, WiFi, GPS, Locked to AT&T, NO CONTRACT Required so can anyone telling me that the phone unlocked or locked
Veerlover   45 months ago
You can do a free HP Veer unlock test here:
If the software says that your phone can be unlocked, then you can do the real unlock.
Howard   45 months ago
I bought my veer 4G from HP store 2 days ago and purchased the unlock code from this site for $14.99.. The code delivered w/i 24 hours as promised.. It worked like a charm..
Thanks Freegsmplus
V DEVISRI   45 months ago
My cousign send me Hp At&T 4 which I am not displaying anything just I am seeing HP when I am pressing On OFF button just I am watching HP and I want display and Unlock code to use the cell in India
Romey   45 months ago
I'm in Maldives I want unlock my mobile hp veer 4g to use here
James   50 months ago
7.Your HP Veer should not be unlocked!
Jay   50 months ago
I'm thinking about purchasing an HP Veer for AT&T w/o a plan from the HP Website (currently listed at $450). Does it come locked to AT&T? Are there any conditions for which AT&T (??) will provide an unlock code? Can anyone else besides AT&T provide an unlock code??? Thx.
Jason   50 months ago
I bought the veer pre-paid but have an att phone number with it. They wouldn't give me an unlock code yet. They said its an att exclusive only and to call back soon when codes are published.

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