Mobile Phone Secrets & Tricks

How to Unlock a Mobile Phone
May 27, 2010  |  61 months ago  |  267 views
It is now very possible to unlock your own phone. You can now easily and quickly unlock your phone so you can use it with any GSM service provider and SIM, anywhere in the world. ... full article
How to Choose Your Smart Phone
Jun 28, 2010  |  60 months ago  |  32 views
Mobile phone are become daily part of life in most of the human being in the world. Every second persons have its personal cell phone, even though some people have not only one but two or may be three phone at a time with them. ... full article
Mobile Phone Secrets & Tricks
May 20, 2010  |  62 months ago  |  230 views
Nokia Codes Tips and Tricks: Nokia universal codes, these Nokia codes will work on most Nokia mobile phones. To check the IMEI type *#06# ... full article
Secretly Spy On A Room With Your Cell Phone
Jul 30, 2010  |  59 months ago  |  178 views
Same old cell phone, new tricks!
Did you know there is a simple secret way to listen to a room using a cell phone? And it works with most cell phones. ... full article
Free Silent Ringtone
Jul 24, 2010  |  60 months ago  |  260 views
A silent ringtone can be used for various purposes:
- assign it to contacts you don't want to talk to
- use it to totally quiet your phone if it doesn't have an option that ... full article
Best tips to protect your phone for long life
Nov 23, 2010  |  56 months ago  |  69 views
Use these easy tips to protect to protect your smart phone from danger, get your phone safe, prevent from getting your phone hacked, protect from theifs, protect from getting stolen ... full article
How Root Your HTC Wildfire Android Phone
Nov 25, 2010  |  56 months ago  |  56 views
You can root your HTC Wildfire very easily and only in a few steps. You can quickly gain all of your phones root access capabilities like WiFi tether, along with various roms of your choice by rooting your phone ... full article
How to set ringtones, message tones and alarm tones on HTC Tattoo
Jan 11, 2011  |  54 months ago  |  174 views
Below you'll find how you can customise the ringtones, message tones and alarm tones on your HTC Tattoo. In the root of your SD card create tree folders ... full article
How To Use SanDisk in a Blackberry
Jun 21, 2011  |  49 months ago  |  36 views
A Blackberry is quite a versatile and handy portable device. It has everything you need in a mobile phone and more. You can send emails, listen to music, view photos, and fix your daily schedule on it ... full article
How To Use iPhone Text Messaging
Jun 29, 2011  |  49 months ago  |  31 views
Text messaging has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. No one can deny the insurmountable amount of convenience it has allowed us when attending matters of both our personal and business affairs ... full article
How to Keep Malware Off Your Android Phone
Jun 29, 2011  |  49 months ago  |  82 views
As the list of infected Android apps grows, here is our advice on how to protect your Android smartphone from malware. The number of free Android apps that may be infected with malware ... full article
How send Fake SMS from Nokia Multimedia Mobiles
Sep 04, 2011  |  46 months ago  |  787 views
This trick is used to send e-mail by SMS. You network operator will have a SMS e-mail server. You are supposed to send a SMS with the To address, subject and e-mail body as a part of the SMS text body by ... full article
iPhone 4S Siri Security Discovery
Oct 21, 2011  |  45 months ago  |  48 views
The iPhone 4S has a voice command feature, called Siri that lets you ask for information or send information without having to dig through your phone ... full article
Secret Codes for Nokia Cell Phones
May 06, 2011  |  50 months ago  |  196 views
Use this guide to learn about Nokia Secret Cell phone codes and turn into a cell phone super user. Codes: 1) *#06# For checking IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) 2) *#0000# This displays the version on your Nokia Cell phone ... full article
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