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Here are the latest Motorola phones (as of 2015), sorted by recency. New Motorola phones are at the top of the list, but many older Motorola cell phone models can be found using the search box at the top of this page.

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Motorola XT806 Motorola CUPE Motorola DROID 2 Motorola CHARM Motorola Rambler
Motorola Quench XT5 XT502 Motorola Quench XT3 Motorola A1680 Motorola MILESTONE XT720 Motorola FlipOut
Motorola ES400 Motorola DROID X Motorola WX295 Motorola WX290 Motorola WX181
Motorola WX260 Motorola WX265 Motorola WX161 Motorola QUENCH Motorola XT720 MOTOROI
Motorola BACKFLIP Motorola WX395 Motorola XT701 Motorola WX280 Motorola WX288
Motorola WX390 Motorola XT800 ZHISHANG Motorola MILESTONE Motorola WX180 Motorola WX160
123 4 567

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