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Android Nextbook 7 Inch Tablet launched
Nov 27, 2010  |  56 months ago  |  155 views
Nextbook USA has launched Next2, 7-inch tablet device running the Android operating system. This device serves as an e-book reader, media player, photo viewer and Internet browsing device. ... full article
Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 2 rumored to launch at CES
Dec 29, 2010  |  55 months ago  |  109 views
After Motorola launched their Honeycomb tablet at CES recently, Samsung seems to be rushing to reveal a rival product to keep up with the competition in the tablet arena. Enter the Galaxy Tab 2 and the Galaxy S2 ... full article
Tablets, smartphones to outsell PCs: Deloitte
Feb 10, 2011  |  53 months ago  |  37 views
Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS is demonstrated on a Motorola Xoon tablet at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, last week. Sales of tablets and smartphones will outnumber personal computers this year ... full article
Cyber crooks targeting smartphones: McAfee
Feb 10, 2011  |  53 months ago  |  40 views
Smartphones have become prime targets for hackers and spammers, computer security firm McAfee said in a report released Tuesday ... full article
ITV Player for Android launches in the UK
Jun 21, 2011  |  49 months ago  |  809 views
British TV network ITV has brought its catch-up TV service ITV Player to Android, with the launch of an official app ... full article
Nokia rolls out battery fix for Lumia 800
Jan 23, 2012  |  42 months ago  |  68 views
Nokia's much anticipated first Windows Phone release following its Microsoft partnership last year was definitely tarnished by almost immediate complaints regarding the handset's poor battery life ... full article
Blackberry still in the red
Jul 07, 2013  |  25 months ago  |  145 views
The sale of BlackBerry Z10, the phone that was supposed to take the company out of the red, has failed to deliver according to expectations. The old models continue to sell showing that ... full article
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